Letter E :


Excellent means good job or nice. In the story Tom found some treasure in the cave with huck i think that was a very excellent thing that happend in the story. Another excellent thing that happend in the story was when Injun Joe died because he is a criminal and is always getting people into trouble


It means weird or uncanny in a frightning way. Injun Joe is eerie because when Tom dicovered the graveyard murder. He had nightmares about Injun Joe trying to murder him because he had testified. He testified against Injun Joe saying that Injun Joe was the murder of the doctor and Muff Potter was not the murderer. We got it at Yahoo.com under eerie images

external image eerie.JPG

It means not hurried or worried. Tom and Huck are easy-going because they didn't worried about discovering Injun Joe was the murderer of the doctor. They wanted to prove that Muff Potter was innocent in the death of the doctor. They didn't worry that Injun Joe might come after them.

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