The Letter D

===The letter D stands for a "dead cat ": By taking a dead cat to a graveyard at night Tom and Huck tried to get rid of their warts. This was an example of a folk tale that was told along time ago that people believed in. They believed that the dead cat would be cursed with an enchantment. The warts would be cursed upon the dead body. Then when the Devil came up from the underworld it would steal up the dead cats soul along with the warts on it. The warts would no longer be enclosed on the person that had them before the dead cat.

The letter D stands for "Mr. Dobbins.": Mr. Dobbins was the teacher at the school that Tom and all the other children in the village went to. He was an extremely strict teacher and disciplined the children when they were mischevious and/or bad. He was excpecially strict when it came around the time when the parents went to school for the last day of school. He used a switch, which was a piece of a small branch or twig, to "discipline" Tom Sawyer when he confessed that he had torn a page in his book. After he beat someone he would send them to sit on the opposite side of the room. This was an unusually strict punishment that was very humiliating for the students at the school, at that point in time.

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===D is for "dog":On Sunday in the church Tom got bored from the sermon that was being held. Tom got bored and pulled out a stinkbug from his pocket. The stink bug had fallen and that is when a miniature poodle came in. The poodle was owned by a man in the church. The dog went after the bug and ended up getting pinched. the dog had livened up the hole church. Another dog that as mentioned in the story is the dog that howled after Tom and huck ran away from the murder scene they had witnessed.
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