Letter C


Church - Tom goes to church on Sunday and has to wear shoes. He does not like to wear shoes. He plays with a pincher bug at church. He meets Becky at the Sunday school.

Cat - Tom and Huck brought a dead cat to the cemetary to remove warts. When they want to get the other's attention, they also "meow" like a cat.

Cool - When it was hot out, Tom kept cool by skipping school to go swimming. He gets caught by Aunt Polly, because he sewed his shirt with a different color thread than she had sewn it.

Court - Tom testifies that Injun Joe was the murderer in court, not Muff Potter. Injun Joe jumps out the window and gets away.

Clever - Tom is very clever, because he knows how to trick people. For example, he tricks the kids into painting the fence for him. He also makes everyone think that he is dead and then he comes back during his funeral.

Cave - Tom and Becky get lost in a cave and he and Huck find a treasure. Then they get chased by Injun Joe and Huck fights Injun Joe and loses and Tom pushes him off a cliff and tries to save him but Injun Joe ends up falling.

Cemetery - Tom and Huck witness a graveyard murder while removing warts with a dead cat.

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