The Letter B

B is for Becky

B is for Brass doorknob

She is a new girl in Tom's school, and he has a crush on her. Becky has brown hair in pony tails. When Tom first sees her, he knows he likes her. He tells the school master the truth about being late to school because he was hanging out with Huckleberry Finn, so he can get in trouble and sit in the girls side near Becky. He starts to impress her by drawing,and she likes it; he also tried to give her a peach. Becky played hard to get, so she kept refusing to take it, but the third time he tried to give it to her, she gave in. Tom also wrote on a piece of slate that he loved her, so they both made a plan to meet each other at lunch. Then when they got there, they got engaged and Tom let out one of his secrets that he had gotten engaged to a girl before. Becky began to cry, so Tom wanted to prove that he really liked her and he didn't care for any other girl. What Tom did is he gave Becky his most prized possession his Brass doorknob. It didn't work, and he has to go through a whole lot more before he ends up with the girl of his dreams.

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Here is a link to a page that shows Hannibal, Missouri where Mark Twain based the story of Tom Sawyer. It is where we got that picture.
Hannibal, Missouri

B is for Booty

Booty is money; it is a pirate jargon (that means that it is a kind of slang in pirate talk). Tom, Joe, and Huck pretend to be pirates on Jackson's Island when they run away, so they search for booty then. Tom and Huck actually find the booty when they are in the cave. It actually belongs to Injun Joe, but when he dies, Tom and Huck find it and they get to keep it.

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