The Letter A

A is for ARTIST

An artist is a person who makes art, such as a sculpture of a king or a queen. In the book Tom Sawyer,Tom Sawyer draws a house and two people outside the house for Becky Thatcher ; the two people outside the house are Becky and Tom. This is drawn on the slate that he uses at school. Art is a form of expression and in the chapter we mentioned above Tom was expressing how he felt for Becky Thatcher.


A is for APPLE

Tom Sawyer loves apples! He always steals them on his way to school. At school Tom tried to offer Becky Thatcher, his one true love, an apple but she did not accept it. In the beginning of the story, Tom trades a boy the chance to whitewash a fence for a half eaten apple, which is really gross if you ask us! However, Tom didn't care. He just wanted to go out and play because painting the fence was a punishment for eating jam that he was not meant to eat. His aunt caught him eating the jam and also skipping school, so he had to stay home on a Saturday and paint the fence (which he didn't do, because he got other people to do it for him).

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A is for Arrest

Muff Potter got arrested for supposedly killing the Doctor. But Muff didn't actually kill him - he was knocked out when Injun Joe killed the Doctor. Injun Joe lied to Muff and to the village people, and everyone believed him. When the village people found out the Doctor was killed, they blamed Muff right away because of Injun Joe accusing him and also because Injun Joe had used Muff's knife. Muff was arrested, and he wasn't freed until Tom was his witness at the trial.

A is for affection

Tom shows his affection for Becky by showing off, but it doesn't usually work. At first, she fell for him, but then he talked about his other girlfriend before her (whose name was Amy, which also starts with an A!). He tries so hard to get her to love him back but it does not work at all. Of course, eventually he does get her by acting heroic and then saving her in the cave. All in all he has a lot of affection for Becky Thatcher.

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