Chapter 9 - Grave Events Open in the Graveyard

Open-Response Questions from Packet

  1. Why do you think Injun Joe was especially feared by Huck and Tom?
  2. Grave robbing was not as unusual in Tom's day as it would be today. Why do you think this was so?

Chapter 9 marks a turning point in the novel. Up to now, Tom's adventures have been play and make-believe. In the scene at the graveyard, he and Huck witness real evil. Tom is forced to make life and death decisions. Analyze this chapter, addressing such questions as the following:
  • How does Twain create the frightening atmosphere in the graveyard? To which sense does he appeal?
  • How does he use foreshadowing - clues planted by the author that point to events to come - to prepare the reader for the change in mood?
End your analysis by making a prediction about how you think the events Tom and Huck witness will affect the rest of the novel. (Glencoe Literature Guide)